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Trends in Ed-Tech

In the current phase of learning, Educational technology, usually abbreviated as Ed-tech has impacted how students and people want to learn. In the present day one cannot even spend a single moment without the use of basic gadgets, be it... Continue Reading →


LMS – way of automation in education industry

The challenging process of educating is in demanding need for solutions on how technology will change education. Society seems to be fascinated by the eruption of technological advancements in the educational field. The effects of technology in the classroom are... Continue Reading →

Gamification in Education

Ours is a rapidly changing world with new advancements, new researches and new developments coming everyday. With respect to this dynamic nature of the present-day world, education seems to be a very stagnant domain; it is slow to adopt emerging... Continue Reading →

EdTech and Edurer

We are surrounded by education today. It is an integral part of everything we do - be it study or play, we are always assisted by gadgets. Growing technology has brought a huge change to the education scenario. The combination... Continue Reading →

EdTech – An Opportunity for Working Professionals to Ascend

Education has turned out to be better enjoyed as experiential learning. Technology has made it possible to take learning process a somewhat greater leap where students and working professionals equally explore the finer possibilities of learning. If focus solely thrown... Continue Reading →

Death of the Textbook, Really

Artificially intelligent software is reshaping traditional teaching materials—but it's unclear what the new technology will take away from the learning experience. Will a new business model accelerate the digital revolution in course materials? For nearly two decades, industry commentators have... Continue Reading →

IIT council plans to raise number of student intakes to 1 lakh by 2020

NEW DELHI: If things go according to plan, the prestigious IITs may admit up to one lakh students by 2020. The IIT council will consider a proposal according to which 30,000 additional non-resident students will be allowed to study in... Continue Reading →

Fastudent Launches India’s First B2B2C Platform for Education Supplies

Fastudent has partnered with more than 200 education institutes to help them create their own customized virtual shops - using the Fastudent exclusive technology platform., India’s leading online platform for education supplies, is now India’s first and only B2B2C... Continue Reading →

Puducherry: New education policy deserves to be appreciated, says BJP

The BJP’s Puducherry unit has welcomed the NDA government’s New Education Policy, saying it is timely and deserves to be appreciated in its entirety. Party’s local unit President V Saminathan said in a release that it was mind boggling that... Continue Reading →

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