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Time management – An Importance

We’ve all must have heard about time management and its importance. Every time we listen to it, we want to implement it in our daily life, but what happens? Most of us, are still not able to continue it for more than a day of two. Why may be because our motivation is for a very short period of time, maybe we are not disciplined or maybe we didn’t start it right. Continue reading “Time management – An Importance”


The Book As An Interactive Device To Understand Today’s Educational Technology

The traditional media used in education has at least one major Achilles heel. No matter how well produced and instructional the content may be, the learning experience is primarily passive and the extent to which learners can control the flow of that content is limited. For the broadcast media of radio and television, the situation is much worse in the case of the as the only opportunity for viewer agency is to turn it on or off.

Continue reading “The Book As An Interactive Device To Understand Today’s Educational Technology”

Building Curiosity : How and Why?

Of the many “habits of mind” that students need to develop in a 21st century world, one of the least developed is curiosity. Curiosity becomes an important attribute in a 21st century where uncertainty and rapid change is the rule, knowledge explosion and search engines provide us with a vast array of knowledge instantly, and invention, innovation, and creativity are rewarded and encouraged in all fields of endeavor. Continue reading “Building Curiosity : How and Why?”

Mind Mapping

A mind map is defined  as “a diagram used to represent words, ideas, tasks, or other items linked to and arranged around a central keyword or idea.” A mind map is hierarchical and shows relationships among pieces of the whole. Continue reading “Mind Mapping”

Adapting to Adaptive Learning

In the present scenario of teaching, the biggest challenge which the teachers face is that they are unable to know that to what extent they must go so that their students are benefitted the most. This situation may also arise in front of a student. Generally, a student has no idea about opting a course which may prove to be the most beneficial. These conditions are eliminated by the arrival of adaptive learning culture in the field of education. Continue reading “Adapting to Adaptive Learning”

Trends in Ed-Tech

In the current phase of learning, Educational technology, usually abbreviated as Ed-tech has impacted how students and people want to learn. In the present day one cannot even spend a single moment without the use of basic gadgets, be it smart phones, tablets or laptops. The Education industry has begun to depend on it in some or the other way. Using projectors in traditional classrooms, emailing assignments to students are some of the amenities Ed-Tech has provided us. Continue reading “Trends in Ed-Tech”

LMS – way of automation in education industry

The challenging process of educating is in demanding need for solutions on how technology will change education. Society seems to be fascinated by the eruption of technological advancements in the educational field. The effects of technology in the classroom are related both to the teacher and student. Surveys have proved that students tend to be more motivated when they are taught using some means of technology. Continue reading “LMS – way of automation in education industry”

Gamification in Education

Ours is a rapidly changing world with new advancements, new researches and new developments coming everyday. With respect to this dynamic nature of the present-day world, education seems to be a very stagnant domain; it is slow to adopt emerging trends and not much impacted by new technologies. In this scenario, the synchronisation of education with the growing needs of pupils in the fast moving world goes missing. Thus, there is a need to devise methods to make education more interesting and relevant as well as prevent the disengagement of  students from studies in the present situation where only 42% of the students are able to pass high school. Continue reading “Gamification in Education”

EdTech and Edurer

We are surrounded by education today. It is an integral part of everything we do – be it study or play, we are always assisted by gadgets. Growing technology has brought a huge change to the education scenario.

Continue reading “EdTech and Edurer”

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