Ours is a rapidly changing world with new advancements, new researches and new developments coming everyday. With respect to this dynamic nature of the present-day world, education seems to be a very stagnant domain; it is slow to adopt emerging trends and not much impacted by new technologies. In this scenario, the synchronisation of education with the growing needs of pupils in the fast moving world goes missing. Thus, there is a need to devise methods to make education more interesting and relevant as well as prevent the disengagement of  students from studies in the present situation where only 42% of the students are able to pass high school.

The modern educational imageschallenge involves tasks of engaging students, stimulating their interests, retaining their attention, and maintaining a positive attitude in a nurturing environment. Gamification – the use of game design elements in non-game contexts – addresses these issues well. When you win at a game, your mind releases dopamine, a chemical in the brain that triggers motivation and pleasure. this makes learning a positive experience, one that you don’t have to force students to enjoy.