Fastudent has partnered with more than 200 education institutes to help them create their own customized virtual shops – using the Fastudent exclusive technology platform., India’s leading online platform for education supplies, is now India’s first and only B2B2C DIY education e-commerce platform. It has partnered with more than 200 education institutes- commerce to help them create their own customized virtual shops – using the Fastudent exclusive technology platform.

Branded e-stores for education institutes are activated in less than 48 hours on the Fastudent proprietary platform. The education focused e-commerce platform facilitates the academic buying of each student of a institute with pre-populated product catalogue and Predefined vendor tie-ups. This helps eliminate the hassles every stake holder in the education supply chain goes through.

Our estimates peg the annual spend for academic needs by students at approx Rs. 2 Cr per institute in urban areas. This evolution in Education supplies market enables the educational institute to facilitate these supplies in desired quality and quantity for their students, without spending precious time or dealing with haphazard local supplies markets. The curated and endorsed catalogue of each institute empowers their students with the right means to quality education and better access to their classroom requirements.

Gaurav Barman, Founder & CEO, Fastudent , emphasizes, “This unique product has been built to evolve into a robust and responsive offering, which can be easily customised by the institute to take the shape of its needs using D-I-Y features. The technology being developed is both flexible and scalable, to service the large market demand, yet be personalized for every institute. We have taken the best of the SAAS eCommerce platforms and have gone a step ahead to combine it with the complete end to end marketplace offerings. We have invested more than 50,000 manhours in builiding this technology which is currently in its beta stage.”

It is now the only company to offer marquee names like Ramagya , Kidzee , Bharat Ram Global and many more , an opportunity to ‘OWN’ their stores online. With this new development, students can now simply order their school recommended academic requirements from the convenience of their digital devices, on their laptops and mobiles. Each e-store is customized and approved by the education institute to offer its students a never-seen-before range of products, specially curated to suit the institute’s curriculum.

Geetanjali Khanna, Founder & COO, Fastudent stated, “Fastudent facilitates school vendor tie-ups, integration, inventory management, delivery and fulfillment to ensure quick and convenient access to essential education supplies and to accessories which have been imparted in education system as value added learning elements required for extracurricular cases.”

She further added, “This unique proprietary platform has evolved out of the pain points of our customers and is focused on the Indian education system and its shortcomings. This model is not a copy-paste of any global model, it’s a genesis to solve the rudimentary problems within the academic supplies market in India. Our Partner institutes are benefiting from the flexibility of the solution and the wide variety of product portfolio available at Fastudent

Clocking 100% M-O-M growth with the largest educational supplies portfolio spanning 500 brands and 1,00,000 academic products, Fastudent services an unprecedented range of academic supplies ranging across 32 categories including  Digital Learning, Branded Merchandise, Augmented Reality, Sports Goods, Uniforms, Shoes, Books ,Stationery and more. With a dedicated consumer base of 1.2 million students , Fastudent has serviced more than 90,000 orders till date.

The robust technology D-I-Y platform has swiftly on-boarded 200 schools across Delhi NCR . They are in the process of expanding rapidly with an objective to be present in 3 cities and onboarding 1000 schools by the beginning of next year.