Finance Minister Arun Jaitley credited globalisation, economy and technology for changing the entire landscape of legal education in India today. Super specialisation in law would be expected in vogue in times to come, Arun Jaitley said.

“Between three-pronged factors – Globalisation, Economy and Technology – the entire landscape of legal education has changed, and hence you no longer have to concentrate on the traditional concepts of legal education like criminal and civil suit law,” he said.Jaitley also emphasized on super-specialisation taking over the charge in legal field.

“To become a successful lawyer, one has to improve upon the traditional legal educational concepts. In coming days, we may find the traditional concepts hardly being used and super-specialisation will be the order of the day in legal field,” said Jaitley.

The finance minister was addressing the inaugural ceremony of the new campus of the Law College administered by Karnataka Lingayat Education Society.

The minister said that it would be counterproductive to de-globalise the landscape of legal education.


Arun Jaitley also talked about the potential consequences of Brexit, the impact expected to be far-reaching.

“Brexit itself has contracted and narrowed down the economy. So, the consequences will be far more difficult to imagine today,” the minister and a noted lawyer himself, said.


Directly linking country’s growth with the need for training people in the services sector, Jaitley said that if India has to grow in the sector, the human minds need training to succeed.

“The Indian economic resources extend from agriculture to industry but when one actually breaks up the Indian economy, 60 per cent is services. And globally, India is a bigger powerhouse as far as services sector is concerned,” he said.