Dell India on Monday announced the launch of ‘Aarambh‘ – a pan India initiative aimed at spearheading the use of the personal computer (PC) for education.

The year-long project aims to reach 1 million students and 100,000 teachers across 5,000 schools; and 200,000 parents in 75 cities across the country, it said. The project is founded on the understanding that exposure to interactive methods of learning in the developmental years, most easily delivered by using a PC, contributes to the well-rounded growth of a student.

Reiterating that the current household PC penetration in India has stagnated at anywhere between 9-10 percent – a number that needs grass root attention, the company said. Dell Aarambh aspires to represent the use of PC learning to unlock potential for young students and enable both parents and teachers to actively aid in the educational development of the child, while using a PC. It aims to create an encompassing ecosystem and supportive background for the child.

Primarily, it emphasizes on the fact that parents and teachers, who are key influencers in a child’s formative years, can aid their overall growth by participating in the adoption of PC technology for learning.